The North Carolina State Climate Office works closely with NC State Extension and the larger N.C. Cooperative Extension System to provide science-based climate resources to our agricultural partners across the state. Examples of outputs of these collaborations include outreach on North Carolina’s climate and climate change impacts (check out these online tutorials and our deep-dive webinar series), online tools that integrate climate data for various agricultural applications and decisions, and original research.

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Pre-and Within-Season Decision Support Tools

Harvested peanuts drying in a field (NC State CALS)

Peanut Frost Advisory Tool

View guidance for potential frost and freeze conditions forecasted across NC, SC, and GA

Freeze Date Explorer

Freeze Date Explorer

View historical first and last seasonal freeze dates for weather stations across North Carolina

Cover Crop Conference at the Center for Environmental Farming Systems at Cherry Research Farm outside Goldsboro, NC.

Climate Dashboard for NC Corn Growers

Explore seasonal predictions for corn development based on forecasted and historic temperature data

Research lettuce planted in Kinston greenhouse. PHOTO BY ROGER WINSTEAD

Growing Degree Day Explorer

Explore growing degree days for user-input base temperatures using forecasted and historic temperature data

Fruit Collection

Chill Models for North Carolina

View chilling hour accumulations and predictions for various fruit models

Tobacco Thrips Flight and TSWV Intensity Predictor

Estimate seasonal insect vector and disease incidence in tobacco and view guidance on pesticide application

Cotton Boll and Leaf

Cotton Planting Conditions Calculator

Estimate the suitability of forecasted weather conditions for planting cotton

Cotton Boll and Leaf

Cotton Thrips Infestation Predictor

Estimate end-of-season thrips infestation in cotton based on planting date and historical weather data

ECONet Inversion Monitoring Tool

Guide to help determine favorable spray conditions using the NC ECONet.

Map of wet bulb globe temperature estimates across NC ECONet sites.

ECONet Wet Bulb Globe Temperature Map

Monitor potential heat stress conditions across the NC ECONet

Longer-Term and Climate Change Decision Support Tools



View climate-based future risks and opportunities for loblolly pine forests in the Southeast US

Climate Voyager Icon

Climate Voyager

Investigate projected changes in climate variables using data from a suite of downscaled global climate models