Welcome to Climate Voyager!
Have you wondered what the climate might look like in 20 years? What about 40 years, or even 80? How cold might our wintertime temperatures get? How much more or less precipitation can we expect? Will droughts become more frequent?

If these questions intrigue you, or if they have implications for your own future planning, then Climate Voyager can help you find the answers. Read more »

Climate Voyager is a framework for viewing future climate projections, which are contained in tools accessible from the menu at the top of the page.

Because a wide range of climate outcomes is possible, these tools show more than one solution. To do this, they use an innovative three-map layout and time series plot to show the spread of likely future outcomes based on data from 20 downscaled global climate models.

To get started, check out the features of Climate Voyager on the Introduction page, read some additional background information on the FAQ page, or select a tool from one of the menus above.